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Miner Hosting Packages

  • ASIC hosting
  • GPU hosting

Find a secure and reliable home for your mining devices and start mining today. One of our facilities under management will install, set up and maintain your miners while providing affordable power.

  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Affordable Electricity Costs
  • Remote access control and monitoring via Ground Control

Assembly and Architecture

  • Miner Repairs
  • Miner Assembly
  • Mine Architecture

Design a profitable mining operation from the start and ensure the adoption of industry best practices. Our experts help materialize your aspirations, develop a concrete strategy and execute.

  • Power Infrastructure
  • Network Architecture
  • Cooling Solutions

Maintenance, Services and Repairs

  • Certified Mining Engineers
  • Mining Technicians

Hire Goldenstrike’s trained and certified personnel to keep your mining operation healthy, conduct on site repairs, and achieve optimal efficiency.

  • Excelled Repairs
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Miner Optimization

OTC Services

  • Over the counter exchange
  • Other liquidity services

Buy and sell blocks in high volume. Securely transact.

  • Large Block Transactions
  • Trusted Brokers
  • Standardized security procedures for mutual protection

Mine Consulting

  • Building and installing
  • Some other consulting

Navigating the crypto mining space can be difficult - Find out today how Goldenstrike provides clarity in an evolving industry. Our Veterans can guide, advise and assist you.

  • Mining Hardware
  • Networking Equipment
  • Power Costs
  • Mine Locations
  • Safety and Standards

Find out how we’ve helped lead our customers into the future of crypto mining