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How do I get started with Ground Control?
It’s simple - A secure Ground Control server will be installed in your mine after a requirement screening with one of our experts. Simply connect to the internet, enable SSH access and we do the work for you.
Can I have a demo of Ground Control?
Inquire today and we can set up a time to give you a demo of Ground Control on one of Goldenstrike’s facilities.
Is Ground Control Secure?
We built Ground Control with security in mind - we know that cyber-security is a critical to crypto mining operations. To start, Ground Control is physically installed in your mine on a linux based server. What makes Ground Control so secure? A few reasons:
  • Linux is historically proven to be the most secure operating system to date
  • To avoid third party security breaches
  • To allow for two-factor authentication using a Yubico Yubikey, a modern physical USB key that defends against phishing
  • Requires two-factor authentication to add or remove pools
How much does Ground Control Cost?
Ground Control is charged at a standard rate of $0.40 USD for each mining device. This includes GPU Rigs - 1 GPU Rig is equivalent to $0.40USD no matter how many GPU’s are attached. Basically, one motherboard, one license.
What regions do you service?
All of Canada and the US.
I am located outside of Canada and the United States, can you help me with my operation?
Yes! We currently do not have any personal outside of Canada or the Unites States, but we are happy to do our best to help you along the way and offer our consulting services! We have helped clients in India, Egypt, and China and are happy to add more countries to our roster!
I have an existing mining operation running, will your technicians/engineers service it?
Yes! Our CMT’s and CME’s are happy to services your facility. We offer full-time and part-time packages
What are the price points for a CME or MT?
Prices of Certified Mining Engineers and Mining Technicians is dependent on your operation’s requirements - we provide full time and part time repair services. Inquire today with regards to your needs by sending an email to
How many Certified Mining Engineers (CME) and Mining Technicians (MT) do you recommend for my facility?
We recommend 1 CME and 4 MT’s for every 5MW of power. 1MW of power is roughly 650 Antminer S9i’s or 550 GPU Rigs with 8 AMD RX 580s.
Is mining worth it? Will it be profitable?
Let us put it this way, if mining wasn’t profitable then no one would do it, and if no one was mining there would be no blockchain, and therefore no more cryptocurrencies. Economies of scale has to come in to play and make it profitable for some miners to operate and service the blockchains.
Do I need a business license to start mining?
You do not, but it is highly recommended for clients operating larger operations to attain a business license as it will help with tax collection and reimbursements
I have an operation in Asia I would like to move out west, can you help?
Yes! We are very experienced in this exact case and have been moving mining operations from Asia to Canada since September.
I have equipment in Asia I would like moved out west, can you help?
Yes! We work very closely with a freight service who offers very competitive rates. Our logistics director would be happy to help!
Can you help me find a place to build my mining facility?
Yes! We are constantly searching for facilities with available power for mining operations. Just send us a message to and we’ll help you find available power.
Do you provide ROI for mining operations?
In our experience we have seen many profitable mining operations and currently operate many. We do not offer a specific ROI as cryptocurrency mining is speculative and there are many variables to factor. We choose to leave these calculations to our clients, but are happy to direct you to the appropriate resources to come to your own conclusions.